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In 2006 I formed Glorious Gardens, gathering together skilled practitioners to offer not just design but implementation of these designs and maintenance packages where we could look after the gardens once we had created them. Throughout my career I have designed gardens to inspire people with the heart aching beauty of nature, with shapes, colours, moods and proportions to pleasure the body and calm and delight the mind. I am also an artist who works with colour and abstract shapes and I bring this sensitivity to the 4 dimensions of a garden. I am very good at listening to clients and I’m able to draw out the essence of what a client wants for their outdoor space.

Designing your own Rose Garden

Roses have been in cultivation since 500BC in the Mediterranean, Persia and China though the first appeared on earth about 50 million years ago. In China they symbolise eternal Spring and longevity, in Persia beauty and perfection and in the West they have been associated more with the Goddess Aphrodite and love. There are over 300 species and today there are tens of thousands of cultivars- so when you design your rose garden this Winter you are adding to this great tradition. Today’s species roses mainly originate from 18th Century China.   Type of Roses A typical Rose garden will [...]

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Borde Hill- The World in One Garden

Borde Hill Gardens is a mecca for those interested in beautiful views, rare plants and Champion trees. Colonel Stephenson Clarke, who created the garden from the late 19th Century onwards, sponsored plant hunting trips throughout the world. The result is a fantastic collection of rare trees, including 65 Champion trees (these are the largest of their particular species in the whole of Britain). Set in a 383 acres of Grade 2 Heritage listed landscape, the gardens consist of a loosely connected arrangement of ‘rooms’- the Azalea Ring, Italian Gardens, the Rose Garden and perennial borders whilst being more wild on [...]

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Redesigning your Garden in January

Now is the time to look through your windows at your garden, and walk amongst the last of the fallen leaves assessing whether it works as a beautiful space in the coldest month. Your garden can hold just as much beauty as high summer but with an altogether different feeling.   Structure Some people don’t like topiary but good quality, sculptural shapes can actually make wild, English Cottage planting feel even more carefree and relaxed. Topiary, like columns and pyramids, can act like the kings and queens of the garden, stately and unchanging, allowing colourful and fast growing perennials to [...]

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Four Dimensional Design for your garden

A garden has many more dimensions than we could possibly fathom. We are more and more finding out about the intricate communication systems trees have developed with their roots to other trees, seeds that make the ground infertile for other rival plants, colonies of insects with complex social systems, fungi that transform debris in different ways. Our gardens are little microcosms that exhibit all this details and more. Time is an extra dimension- how plants will perform over time, what plants will die out after a few years, which ones need to seed each year to keep the species alive, [...]

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The Edible Garden

Now is the best time for sowing your seeds directly into your veg beds. If you haven’t already done so you can dig in some well rotted manure into your beds, making sure you’ve dug it nice and deep, and sprinkle some fertilizer and potash onto the soil and then gentle rake it in. Not too much or your little seed may burn when they are first put in. You can put in leeks and parsnips, spinach, peas and brassicas directly outdoor. If you don’t have a lot of greenhouse or indoor space you can wait till April and May [...]

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Painted Lady Migration Patterns and other Migratory Insects

Every year, Southern England becomes the stage for a remarkable sight when 3.5 trillion flying insects, equaling the weight of 20,000 reindeer, migrate across the country! Among these insects are the Painted Lady butterflies, the subject of a recent discovery among scientists and butterfly enthusiasts.   The Painted Lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui) has a 4-7.3cm wingspan and often populates dry open areas. Every spring they journey from their overwintering grounds in North Africa and the Mediterranean region to the UK, Asia and Northern Europe. These butterflies obtain average altitudes of 500m, can reach 30mph in favourable conditions, and can do [...]

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Sussex Bees

Bees are the golden angel-engines of nature. Under severe threat from our agricultural practices, you can provide them a safe haven in your garden or even better, get yourself a bee box and groovy white outfit! Here are some remarkable facts: They pollinate 76% of the world’s crops and add £690m to the UK economy each year. Every year a hive can produce up to 11 kg of honey, and to produce just half a kg they fly up to 55,000 miles to find the flowers! There are over 250 UK species of bee but are under threat from spraying [...]

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Nymans Gardens- Jewel of Sussex

Joe Whelan strides though Nyman’s gardens. He suddenly stoops to pick up a piece of paper from the side of a path. This is the dedication of Nyman’s Head Gardener: Attention to detail, every inch of the estate given thoughtful attention and a friendly efficiency. “Being a Head Gardener is no longer just being in the garden: it is about managing the staff, strategic planning, funding proposals and dealing with 350,000 visitors a year!” It is a lament for not having enough time with his hands in the soil, but Joe also has an obvious keen interest in educating people [...]

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Creating an Eco-Friendly garden

The news can be depressing about the destruction of nature the world over and the UK has seen a massive decline in most species since the 50s with loss of habitat as the greatest single cause. Recently scientists have announced enormous drops in insect numbers which could have devastating consequences for soil fertility and the upper levels of the food chain. However private gardens account for nearly 20% of our urban landscape and they are the one place that is in our control to nurture and encourage wildlife. They can be our small but important way to contribute to what [...]

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Designing Height in your Garden

Designing new trees into a garden can fill people with trepidation. The wrong tree can outgrow its space, casting shade, or in can drop unwanted leaves, its roots can undermine houses or it can not survive the soil or wind conditions. This article will help you choose the right tree for the right place. Given that most of our gardens are on the small to medium size I will concentrate on trees from 2 to 5 metres in height   Trees must be chosen carefully. A well-positioned tree with a delicate and spacious leaf and branch character can create a [...]

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