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How to encourage bats into your garden:

Bats will take advantage of trees in your garden to rest, but there are many other things you can do to encourage bat visitors and allow their safety. 

  • Native plants. Trees, shrubs, and wildflowers which are local to your area attract insects which are bats’ main food source. Plants which flower early and late in the season are great to provide a food source throughout the year. Evening-scented flowers (for example honeysuckle) are also great to attract moths, which bats love!
  • Ponds. Water features such as a pond are ideal for bats for drinking water and for preying on nearby insects.
  • Reducing garden lighting. Lots of artificial lighting can discourage bats and disrupt feeding patterns. Using motion-sensor lights is a good way to reduce constant lighting. 
  • Avoiding pesticides. Pesticides are harmful to insects, directly reducing a bat’s food supply. Try and use natural pest control methods such as encouraging pest-eating wildlife.