Birds in your garden2023-07-04T12:19:51+01:00


The UK hosts a wide range of beautiful birds which bring us and other wildlife a wide range of benefits, for example:

    • Natural pesticides: birds eat caterpillars and aphids, which could damage garden plants. 
    • Pollination: some birds (e.g. hummingbirds) play a crucial role in pollinating flowers, transferring pollen from one flower to another as they feed on the nectar 
    • Seed dispersal: birds consume fruits and berries and spread seeds through their droppings, contributing to growth and diversity.
    • Weed control: sparrows and finches feed on weed seeds, therefore reducing the need for weed killers and contributing to plant health. 
    • Aesthetics: birds bring beauty and life to a garden through their singing and their beautiful range of colours. 
    • Ecosystem balance: they work to balance the entire ecosystem, creating a better environment for other organisms too. 

Below are links on to how best to encourage birds to your garden: