Where have all the oak forests gone?

 A review of oak timber imports into the UK and whether oak timber should be classified as a sustainable resource.   Compiled my Director of Glorious Gardens Sussex and Undergraduate Students Consultancy Programme.   This review examines: 1)How much oak is imported into the UK per year   2)  The sustainability of using oak products.   3)  The complicated supply chain of oak products   4) Can certifying bodies be trusted   5)  The policies of UK companies that import and sell oak products     ___________________________________________   Introduction   The research presented in this review finds that far from [...]

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What is the ethical impact of mining Indian Sandstone?

A review of the literature on the environmental and human cost of mining Indian sandstone and the transportation of the stone to the United Kingdom.   Compiled by the Director of Glorious Gardens Sussex and University of Sussex students for the Student Consultancy Programme.   This review examines:   How much Indian Sandstone is Imported into the UK?   What is the environmental impact of the mining problem in India?   What is the human impact of the mining and refining process?   How can the product be made sustainable?     Introduction  The research presented in this review finds [...]

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Garden Design in February- The Set Up Month

February- The Set-Up Month February is an important month to really set up your garden.  With Covid keeping us at home, our gardens can give us the expansiveness, connection and hope we desperately need. Andrew Staib from Glorious Gardens Designs takes a look at plants that will light up your garden. February can be an up and down month. Sometimes clear days have us running out to turn over the soil and dig in some compost, other days have us sheltering indoors looking out of a rainy window. If you are one of those gardeners who don’t start visiting their [...]

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Principles of Garden Landscaping Design

When designing a landscape, there are some basic principles which can be considered to help achieve the outdoor space of your dreams. The same principles can be applied regardless of the size and scale of the project.  By spending some time designing the landscape you can create a garden which is not only functional for your needs, but is visually striking, straightforward to maintain, and fits your budget.   Determine Priorities When designing a landscape, have a clear view on what you are looking to achieve and what you want out of your garden. By determining your priorities you can [...]

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Choosing the Best Herbs For Your Garden

Herbs are a wonderful addition to a garden. Whether growing them for culinary reasons, for attractive and fragrant borders, or to attract bees to the garden, herbs are often easy to grow and maintain. When landscaping a garden consider which herb is best suited for the function you want it to perform. Kitchen Gardens Using a freshly picked herb straight from your garden when cooking is hard to beat. There are many favourite varieties which are staples of a kitchen garden.  Basil is a classic summer herb, easy to grow in pots and a lovely garnish to many dishes. A [...]

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Planting for a Butterfly Garden

Seeing butterflies flitting around is one of the joys during the summer months. If you are considering a butterfly garden when landscaping your outdoor space, the plants butterflies prefer tend to be ones which are easy to grow.  Attracting butterflies in to your garden can be reassuring too, as they are good indicators of a healthy environment. They will also pollinate your flowers and help attract birds to your garden looking for food. Plants for a Butterfly Garden When landscaping a butterfly garden, you need to consider the larva stage of their life cycle as well as the adult stage. [...]

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Beautifying Your Pathways

The pathways around your home serve their purpose, but flowers along the edging can bring colour and fragrance to this otherwise utilitarian space. Imagine these mini-gardens alongside the tiles, pavers, and hardscapes. Year-round, flowers will soften those lines as they appeal to the senses. By creating a beautiful border, your entire yard will be more attractive without being a chore. Here are a few examples of plants and shrubs which can enhance the visual appeal to your pathways. Lavender Lavender remains a favourite when planting borders. Its low height and abundance of colour make it a popular choice to line [...]

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Planting for an Impressionist Garden

When landscaping a garden, by using plant and shrub varieties with different coloured blooms you can achieve a striking visual impact.  By combining wildflowers and herbaceous perennials you can make a section of your garden resemble a beautiful painting from an impressionist master such as Claude Monet. His 1873 depiction of the Poppy Field immediately provokes images of the perfect summer scene. It is a scene which can be quite simple to replicate when landscaping your own garden. The Common Poppy It is hard to imagine this popular flower was once considered just a weed. Its vibrant red flowers are [...]

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Things to Consider When Pruning Trees

The summer months have arrived and you are finally enjoying being back out in the garden. You can see there are a number of jobs to attend with all the new growth coming through -- including the trees. Part of landscaping your garden will be pruning the trees, but before you head straight in to this job you should consider the best time of year to prune a tree. Why Prune? Pruning has a number of benefits including safety, as you will be removing damaged or diseased branches which could cause harm if they fall. Pruning also helps the shape [...]

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The Sweetest-Smelling Flowers for the Garden

One of the pleasures of gardening is the accompanying scents from your flowers and shrubs. By taking in to consideration when different plants bloom while landscaping your borders, you can ensure your garden is filled with pleasant aromas the whole year round. Many plants will attract bees and butterflies, too. Border Plants Lavender is a garden favourite, a summer perennial ideal for borders and lining garden paths, releasing its gorgeous aroma when brushed. There are many varieties, but planted in the correct conditions lavender requires little maintenance.  Wallflowers are another garden favourite which are easy to grow, providing lovely shades [...]

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