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The Best Bulbs to plant per Season:

With bulbs, planting throughout the seasons can ensure nectar and pollen for wildlife throughout the year. 

Below are some recommendations of the best bulbs to plant for each season, and although these flowers are loved by most pollinators, included is what wildlife will enjoy these in particular:


Spring: these flowers attract mostly honeybees and bumblebees in Spring, being a vital food source for pollinators emerging from hibernation. 

  • Snowdrops.
  • Crocuses. 
  • Daffodils. These flowers also attract solitary bees, such as mining and carpenter bees for nectar and pollen. 

Summer: these bulb recommendations are great for many bees and butterflies, providing nectar and pollen. 

  • Alliums. these flowers come through in various sizes and colours. They are particularly attractive to honeybees, bumblebees and some solitary bees such as mason bees. 
  • Gladiolus. The Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly and Peacock Butterfly enjoy these flowers due to their nectar. They bloom in mid-to-late summer, extending nectar and pollen availability.
  • Summer-flowering Lilies: these flowers come in many colours and sizes. The Large White Butterfly and Small Copper Butterfly especially enjoy the nectar from these Lilies. 

Autumn: these flowers that bloom in Autumn are important to provide a food source in the later months of the year when other flowers won’t be as readily available. 

  • Autumn Crocus. Honeybees love this flower as they produce abundant nectar.
  • Autumn-flowering Cyclamen. Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies often visit this flower for  a food source. 
  • Sternbergia. Honeybees also love this flower for their nectar and they often visit for a food source in the Autumn.