Bulbs are a great way to get your plants flowering quickly. A bulb is the underground stem of a seed at the resting stage. Compared to seeds, they flower quicker and can live for three or more growing seasons. They are an easy way to get quick and predictable results as the bulbs contain the nutrients and energy already needed to produce flowers. Other benefits include:

  • Timing. Bulbs are usually planted in Autumn for Spring flowering, allowing you to plan for flowers after the winter months, whereas seeds sometimes require specific conditions for germination. 
  • Low maintenance. Bulbs are hardier and can endure varying weather. They’re also more pest and disease resistant. 
  • Long-lasting. Bulbs are usually perennial, meaning they will continue to flower for many more seasons with proper maintenance and care. With seeds, you generally have to sow them annually.
  • Multiplying. Often bulbs will produce more flowers each season, once again reducing the need for more seeds each year.   
  • Variety. Bulbs come in a wider range compared to seeds. They have more colours, shapes, and sizes. This allows for a more diverse and complex garden without excessive planning.

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