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How to encourage Butterflies, Moths, and Bees: 

Pollinators are essential to the strength of our ecosystems in the UK, and our gardens can act as a safe haven for bees, butterflies, and moths to be. There are many ways we can encourage pollinators in our gardens:

  • Pollinator-friendly flowers. A diverse range of flowers that bloom at different times throughout the year ensures that pollinators will constantly have access to nectar and pollen. It is also good to use native flowers in your area as they have evolved alongside local pollinators. Examples of good flowers to plant include Lavender, Foxglove, and Sunflowers.
  • Water. Providing water or sugar solutions is great for bees, moths, and butterflies to drink and regulate their body temperature. 
  • Avoiding pesticides. These can be harmful to bees and other pollinators. There are many natural pest control methods such as attracting pest-eating insects. 
  • Providing shelter. Creating habitats for bees, moths, and butterflies is a great way to ensure they have a place to rest and hibernate.