Designing your own Rose Garden

Roses have been in cultivation since 500BC in the Mediterranean, Persia and China though the first appeared on earth about 50 million years ago. In China they symbolise eternal Spring and longevity, in Persia beauty and perfection and in the West they have been associated more with the Goddess Aphrodite and love. There are over 300 species and today there are tens of thousands of cultivars- so when you design your rose garden this Winter you are adding to this great tradition. Today’s species roses mainly originate from 18th Century China.   Type of Roses A typical Rose garden will [...]

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Creating a Flower Garden for UK Wildlife

Native flowers are indigenous to the UK, meaning they have evolved to be perfectly suited to our soil, climate, and local wildlife. When we create gardens we make sure to include native flowers which will benefit the local wildlife as well as creating a gorgeous display. October is a really good time to assess the spaces you have in your garden and plant these perennials. One tip: plant in bunches of 5-7 plants. This way you will be able to see how effective one species is, rather than have hundreds of different species dotted about.   Wildlife and flowers: Wildlife [...]

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Creating a Rose Garden

Rose gardens have been around for thousands of years, with mention of them in the gardens of Babylon and illustrations of rose gardens found in 14th Century BC pyramids. The main rose we use today is Rosa chinensis which was cultivated in China for display and for medicinal purposes for millennia. It wasn’t until the 18th Century that the Chinese rose cultivars came to Europe. By 1840, thousands of cultivars were available for sale. Today there are tens of thousands of cultivates from over 300 rose species. So this your chance to add to this fragrant tradition- make your own [...]

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Landscaping a Prairie Style Garden

A prairie style garden provides a striking and naturalistic look to an outdoor space. Whether incorporating the style to the whole garden design or just a smaller section you can bring the joy of the wild meadow in to your garden.  The prairie style is characterised by ornamental grasses and sturdy perennials. Providing your garden has good drainage and can offer an open sunny spot, you can consider this style when landscaping a garden, regardless of the size of the plot. With the right planting conditions maintenance is fairly straightforward, allowing for an easier gardening experience. Staples of a Prairie [...]

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Choosing the Best Herbs For Your Garden

Herbs are a wonderful addition to a garden. Whether growing them for culinary reasons, for attractive and fragrant borders, or to attract bees to the garden, herbs are often easy to grow and maintain. When landscaping a garden consider which herb is best suited for the function you want it to perform. Kitchen Gardens Using a freshly picked herb straight from your garden when cooking is hard to beat. There are many favourite varieties which are staples of a kitchen garden.  Basil is a classic summer herb, easy to grow in pots and a lovely garnish to many dishes. A [...]

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Planting for a Butterfly Garden

Seeing butterflies flitting around is one of the joys during the summer months. If you are considering a butterfly garden when landscaping your outdoor space, the plants butterflies prefer tend to be ones which are easy to grow.  Attracting butterflies in to your garden can be reassuring too, as they are good indicators of a healthy environment. They will also pollinate your flowers and help attract birds to your garden looking for food. Plants for a Butterfly Garden When landscaping a butterfly garden, you need to consider the larva stage of their life cycle as well as the adult stage. [...]

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Planting for an Impressionist Garden

When landscaping a garden, by using plant and shrub varieties with different coloured blooms you can achieve a striking visual impact.  By combining wildflowers and herbaceous perennials you can make a section of your garden resemble a beautiful painting from an impressionist master such as Claude Monet. His 1873 depiction of the Poppy Field immediately provokes images of the perfect summer scene. It is a scene which can be quite simple to replicate when landscaping your own garden. The Common Poppy It is hard to imagine this popular flower was once considered just a weed. Its vibrant red flowers are [...]

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The Sweetest-Smelling Flowers for the Garden

One of the pleasures of gardening is the accompanying scents from your flowers and shrubs. By taking in to consideration when different plants bloom while landscaping your borders, you can ensure your garden is filled with pleasant aromas the whole year round. Many plants will attract bees and butterflies, too. Border Plants Lavender is a garden favourite, a summer perennial ideal for borders and lining garden paths, releasing its gorgeous aroma when brushed. There are many varieties, but planted in the correct conditions lavender requires little maintenance.  Wallflowers are another garden favourite which are easy to grow, providing lovely shades [...]

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Choosing a Waterfall for Your Garden

Adding a waterfall to your garden is a great way to add character, a feature point which can transform your outdoor space. Not only do they look good, the sound of running water is soothing to many. By incorporating a water feature into your landscaping design it will also help oxygenate a pond and keep the water fresh and clean. There are many styles which can be used. The Natural Look A pond fed by a faux babbling brook provides a beautiful, natural looking water feature. The natural feel can be complemented by the surrounding planting, with leafy greens emphasising [...]

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Your Vegetable Garden Can Be Beautiful

A vegetable garden does not have to be rows of monotonous green. It can be every bit as pleasing on the eye as any other style of garden. An area measuring 20ft by 20ft can produce a good range of crop varieties a stone’s throw from your kitchen.  Stepping out in to your garden to pick fresh vegetables, salad leaves, herbs and fruits for your meals is one of life’s pleasures. When landscaping an outdoor space, a vegetable garden can be beautiful, practical and provide for low maintenance gardening. Image by congerdesign from Pixabay  Let’s Get Started Making raised beds part of your [...]

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