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Front Garden Design

The whole front garden was just shingle onto of old brick and concrete. The worse the garden the better for me as the transformation is that much more delightful.My clients wanted a front garden design that would compliment and enhance the front of their newly renovated house. They still wanted an area to drive into the property to park and they wanted the bed to be very low maintenance.I separated the drive area from the garden with a mixed evergreen hedge and a bespoke black metal arch to match the curve of the arch over the doorway and the metal trim [...]

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Front garden design using Pittisporum

We completed this garden design and build about two years ago.We decided to make a real feature out of the beds by the side of the drive by planting a row of 5 Yew columns.However the fence was very unsightly behind the Yews so we made a bold decision and chose all the major, different coloured Pittisporums that can grow to minimum 8 foot. Now it has become a very attractive and unusual hedge with the small frilly leaves of the Pittisporum contrasting with the dark columns of Yew.We then make great curves of box hedging with box balls amidst [...]

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front garden hangleton

Our client wanted something exotic and colourful with strong structure yet only had a small space at the left side of front garden. We used purple Phormium as a base interspersed with the smaller pink Phormiums,  'Maori Sunrise'. We chose as the feature tree a Rhus for its spaciousness and planted some Lobelia Tupa which are the bright red spires you can see. We also put in some peones.

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