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Creating a Contemporary Garden Design

If your home has the clean and minimalist design of the modern home, you’ll be looking for a garden that reflects that style.  After all, the garden is an outdoor space connecting us to nature, but also providing an extension of the home in which to relax and entertain. It should be personal yet connect with the surrounding landscape -- while offering a level of gardening maintenance that suits your lifestyle. With thoughtful use in planting and garden fixtures, you can include colour and warmth to a contemporary garden design.   Planting to Add Warmth Modern design often employs stone [...]

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The Japanese Garden

This classic garden provides a calm refuge with natural elements that encourage contemplation and symbolize renewal, wonder, and beauty.  Stones are symbols of longevity and the ever-present forces of nature, providing the garden with an anchor. With stones, we can create a landscape for cascading water, with small hills, a stream, and a pond. Image by Drobek226 from Pixabay Water symbolizes continuity with the hereafter. Cascading water, streams and ponds with koi or carp fish providing a flash of gold colour. The cascades also have a practical purpose, as clear, circulating water helps keep the air fresh during summer months. [...]

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Designing Your Dream Cottage Garden

For many of us, the image of the cottage garden with its warm colours, its links to a time gone by, and its self-sufficiency is idyllic. Yet this style of garden is in reach of us all, however small or large the plot. While the romantic image of the cottage garden may have certain defining features, the beauty within the design is there are no rules. With a little planning and minimal upkeep you can create the garden of your dreams. Features of a Cottage Garden This traditional style of garden was born out of practicality and most people will [...]

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Garden Planning? Consider Sand & Gravel

By planning our gardens with sustainability in mind, we help to preserve natural resources and take some of the pressure off the natural environment. Thoughtful landscaping can encourage wildlife, reduce water use, prevent soil erosion and reduce the need for chemical fertilisers and pesticides.  By planning with nature in mind you can use the plants and materials which best utilise your garden plot while also best helping the natural environment. Sand and gravel are two of the more commonly used materials in garden design and with a little thought to how you employ them and their source you can make [...]

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Garden Design- spontaneous Charleston House

Charleston House - Where the Bloomsbury Group applied all their sense of humour, spontaneity and creativity to the inside of a humble English Cottage. The interior brims with painted baths and wardrobes, tables, chairs and fireplaces. The garden is equally quirky and fascinating having been kept in the spirit of the owners with many original sculptures still in place.  

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Cheerful Colour from Australia

To my mind there are five golden principles for garden design.1) Making a garden serve the functional needs of the person2) Having good structural bones3) Proportionally well balanced4) Interest throughout the seasons5) An adventure in colour and toneThe following photos I took on my trip to Australia. Notice how the background colour is just as important as the focal colour (You can imagine swapping it for another colour and notice how that would change the whole composition)

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Garden Design using Sculpture

I am not always a fan of sculpture in a garden. Nature is so beautiful and intricate it is a relief not to see the marks of human endeavour in the frame. However I think garden Sculpture works when it takes us deeper into the landscape or a garden and makes us see nature with fresh eyes. Maybe in contrast or as a compliment or as a way to humble our position in the world. I like the prostrate marble figure at Parham House in West Sussex so different from classical sculptures where the hero has triumphed, or the death mask, also [...]

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Sacred Scaffolding

Maybe you will never look at scaffolding in the same light after seeing this? This art installation, purpose built and covered by hand with sheets of gold leaf, rests in the Church of Angiers Castle, in the Loire Valley. Scaffolding often has its own pure, physical beauty of line and weight and this golden sculpture can be interpreted in so many ways - it is both very delicate and yet robust- like a living thing.  

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Human imagination in the garden

If you could have any sculpture you could imagine what would it be? What material? Which place in your garden would it rest? How would it reflex the 'spirit' of your garden? How might it symbolize your values?              

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