Choosing the Best Herbs For Your Garden

Herbs are a wonderful addition to a garden. Whether growing them for culinary reasons, for attractive and fragrant borders, or to attract bees to the garden, herbs are often easy to grow and maintain. When landscaping a garden consider which herb is best suited for the function you want it to perform. Kitchen Gardens Using a freshly picked herb straight from your garden when cooking is hard to beat. There are many favourite varieties which are staples of a kitchen garden.  Basil is a classic summer herb, easy to grow in pots and a lovely garnish to many dishes. A [...]

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Landscaping Design Ideas for Your Front Garden

A beautiful front garden welcomes you back home and can provide endless visual pleasure and inspiration. It also sets the tone for how other people view your house on arrival. Yet when landscaping your front garden space you will want to make it functional for you as well as aesthetically pleasing. Its upkeep and maintenance should also be a pleasure and not a chore.    Native Plants Mapping out your landscaping plans helps get the end results you desire. By using native plants which are already adapted to the local climate you can reduce the time required in looking after [...]

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Autumn Light- Garden Design

I helped my client Paul Craig design his garden. He already had some interesting and original ideas and together we decided on the right plant for the right place. We used a round corten steel sculpture for a focal point and chose unusual plants like tree ferns, Senecio Angle's Wings and Cannas in amongst more traditional prairie planting making sure there was colour all through the seasons. The Deschampsia Goldtau grass, surrounding the new pool, captures the afternoon sun.

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Inspiration for designing your garden – Beth Chatto

In 1960 Beth Chatto set about transforming a wasteland on the edges of her husband's family fruit farm near Elmstead Market, Essex.It is now a world renown garden. Her skill was not to fight nature but use species that suited the terrain and soil conditions, creating the intersecting lakes, bog and dry gardens. It seems obvious now but at that time gardeners were still making a garden look like they wanted without regard to the time and effort and expense it needed to have something grow where it didn't want to. One of her mottos was how could a plant thrive [...]

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Prairie Gardens West Sussex

The Prairie gardens has been going for almost 10 years now. If you like wild grasses and full planting that interlinks like a great tapestry you will enjoy this garden immensely. I will post more detailed photos later this month but I like these big vistas. The field which they planted on is surrounded by mature oaks. Inspired by the Dutch and German Naturalistic plant designers of the 1980's Paul and Pauline McBride originally planted 30,000 plants on 1000's of tonnes of recycled garden waste.   In late winter rather than prune everything with shears they set fire to the [...]

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stipa giganta

Stipa Giganta is often used in a large shrub border. Here is is used at the ends of two narrow beds creating a golden passage way.It's common name is Golden Oats. The seed heads remain all winter.

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