Garden Design – Regent’s Park

Regent's Park has many wonderful secrets and here are a few of them, including a bronze sculpture in St John's Garden. Spot the images- the oldest tree, an oak, in the park, the strange nodules of Taxodium distichum (no one knows why they appear), the unusual Helleborus 'Silver Dollar' and an old Horse Chestnut silhouetted against the sky.

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graffiti artist

 Spring is filling up all the old spaces left by winter's departure. There is a new graffiti artist at work with her massive can of bright green spray paint.  

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Fatsia japonica

Fatsia japonica appears in most big english gardens and does extremely well in shady areas and gives a generous tropical look to otherwise forgotten spaces

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This palm is the hardiest of all palms and originally from China, can survive snowy conditions. It often looks a bit tatty in the UK and does best when sheltered from strong winds. Having said that it can survive  and flourish in coastal gardens.

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