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Plant Combinations

/Plant Combinations

Garden Design Transformation- Mediterranean theme

We designed the whole garden but this little space leant itself to vibrant colours and Mediterranean planting. There was already a fig against the wall which had been hard pruned and it is now our intension to Fan prune it along the wall. Grape, purple Sage, Salvias and Hellenium all combine to give a feast of june and July colour. By this time next year all the plants will have knitted together well. When doing garden design make sure you plan a succession of Events ie flowers that bloom when other types of flowers are on the way out.

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Juliet’s Chelsea Gold Medal

 Juliet Sargeant won a Gold Medal this year with her Anti-slavery garden brining awareness to the bonded labour being used throughout the world (It is estimated that their are more slaves now than their has been in the entire history of the world combined) She told me she was 'sick of pinks and blues' and went for a hot pallet. She has used bright red Lupins, copper coloured Verbascums, pastel coloured and bright orange Geums, Kent Pride Irises and purple Heuchera and Fireglow Euphorbia for the hot colours with Sesleria grass and Ammi Major (the white carrot flower) as a [...]

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Perfect Combination

I love this combination for its colour and also variety of shapes. Every plant has at least 7 major contributions to a garden -its colour,fragrance, height, insect attractiveness,shape, movement and changeability through the seasons.

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This wonderful combination, by my garden design colleague Juliet Sargeant, combines the electric blue of Agapanthas with softness of Stipa tenuissima. 

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