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Front Garden Design

The whole front garden was just shingle onto of old brick and concrete. The worse the garden the better for me as the transformation is that much more delightful.My clients wanted a front garden design that would compliment and enhance the front of their newly renovated house. They still wanted an area to drive into the property to park and they wanted the bed to be very low maintenance.I separated the drive area from the garden with a mixed evergreen hedge and a bespoke black metal arch to match the curve of the arch over the doorway and the metal trim [...]

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Cloud Pruned Olive Trees and phosphorescent Tulips

We completely cleared this small Brighton courtyard, laid grey Indian sandstone and brought in three cloud pruned Olive trees. (It was a miracle we got them through the house.)On the steps we used a bespoke ornamental tile and the Olives are underplanted with Allium Purple Sensations, Libertia peregrinas, Geranium White-ness, Verbena bonsariensis and Gaura. This underplanting will take over from the Alliums to provide lasting summer and Winter interest.

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Irish Yew columns

This side passage was just earth and an old fence three months ago. We brought in 5 mature Irish Yews and made a mixed pittisporum hedge along the fence behind them. The stakes will be removed in a year or so, once the roots of the yews have become established.

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Prunus Serrula or Tibetan Cherry

We put in this Prunus Serrula or Tibetan Cherry, recently. It was already 5 meters tall when we received it from the nursery and will grow the same again. It is famous for its beautiful satin scarlet bark. In the background is Carex 'Ice Dance' and Blue Oat Grass (Helictotrichon sempervirens) under the eucalyptus.

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