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Small Gardens

/Small Gardens

Transformation- Before and After the Garden Design in Brighton

June is a productive month to revisit gardens that we have designed and built, especially when the work was done in Winter or early Spring. During that time plants arrivde and once planted the perennials could only be noticed by a few small sticks. It takes all my efforts to assure clients that there is more to come!In this garden the overriding design theme was tranquility. We choose woodland plants to suit the large Cedar in the back garden. At the back the clients wanted a more open prairie feel so we used Sesleria autumnal and because the soil was heavy clay [...]

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Garden Design- Japanese style woodland in Hove

We balanced the bright white paths with large limestone rocks, and lush woodland planting like Blechnum spicant, Hellebores, Epimedium and some Armeria maritima.The two green wrapped columns are Australian tree ferns which we are ready to disrobe as soon as the weather improves.In the far back of the garden we have planted Sesleria and Dog daisies to soften the picture and provide a backdrop of movement when the breeze picks up.Japanese acres are dotted about and will blaze with their spring and Autumn colour and give some height under the canopy of this magnificent Cedar tree.

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Designing a small garden

Designing small gardens has its own challenges!This garden is 8 by 4 meters and my client wanted her space to be abundant with planting and well as a place she could relax, feel private, dry her washing, hide her bins and grow her vegetables.The first thing I try to be is bold when approaching such a space. The more powerful the design elements the more small space won't be noticed and the elements that you have chosen can reference larger landscapes. For example I chose a number of small trees which on fist thought one might be cautious given that it [...]

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