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Designing with Golden Bamboo

This newly built pool was surrounded by a scruffy and leggy Privet hedge which we took out. Golden bamboo to the rescue here. The powerful golden canes contrast with the blue of the pool and we planted some dark green ivy behind to eventually cover the fence. Designing with bamboo needs to be done carefully. I have seen it in the middle of an English Cottage Garden and the whole garden is then often dominated by the bamboo's exotic tone. However in a contemporary garden it can be the perfect choice giving screening and constant delicate movement.

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Romantic Garden Design

This garden, which won't come into it's own until the end of summer, has just been planted. But underneath the soil, tonnes of which we had to bring in when we took 10 skip loads of driveway rubble away, are planted little packets ready to burst open. This garden design in West Sussex uses two Yew pyramids to sabilize the planting and bring symmetry to the lovely little cottage which has it's own triangular pattern in the roof. Around each Yew are planted 13 sumptuous fragrant roses. And then the planting plan design spreads out with Dahlias, Heleniums, Pennisetum grasses, [...]

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Garden designing with Photinia ‘Red Robin’

Two garden design aspects that we choose helped to transform this back fence in Hove. One was painting the back fence and shed a beautiful dark grey. Garden design can often forget the most simple of transformations- paint. And in a couple of years when the fence begins to fade the climber Trachelospermum would have taken over. Another garden design technique is mistakes. We ordered 6 *10 foot Photinia 'Red Robin' standardized balls but when we unwrapped the protective fleece they turned out to be cones. After the initial surprise my clients and I saw how original and striking [...]

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Tropical Garden Design

Have you thought of a tropical garden design? Especially in a smaller, urban garden where the garden is not having to blend into a rural setting, tropical planting can be a powerful alternative to a traditional garden design. Instead of relying on traditional design techniques such as edged borders, hedges and straight paths, a tropical garden design relies on the character of each tropical plant. Paths can be windy and made from rich brown bark and planting can be designed so that it fills the canopy, middle layer and floor of your 'forest'. When thinking of a tropical garden design [...]

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Ready for Spring

Get your garden ready for Summer! This garden that we are completing in Rottingdean is ready to explode. We put in over 500 perennials alone.    

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