The Power of Small Trees

Creating a canopy atmosphere in your small garden Some people are frightened of trees, fearing they will grow too big, involve annual costly pruning and block out precious light to the house. One of my weekly jobs as a garden designer is to get on my knees and beg people to take the plunge. I have seen so many trees outgrowing their spot in a garden that I am hereby willing to share my secrets! A small tree can give a sense of height to the smallest of gardens without necessarily dominating the space. This height allows the garden to [...]

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Things to Consider When Pruning Trees

The summer months have arrived and you are finally enjoying being back out in the garden. You can see there are a number of jobs to attend with all the new growth coming through -- including the trees. Part of landscaping your garden will be pruning the trees, but before you head straight in to this job you should consider the best time of year to prune a tree. Why Prune? Pruning has a number of benefits including safety, as you will be removing damaged or diseased branches which could cause harm if they fall. Pruning also helps the shape [...]

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Garden Design- using Eucalyptus

Garden Design in the UK- using EucalyptusThere are over 700 species of Australian Eucalyptus. These are some of my favourites that I encountered in Sydney recently. Growing Eucalyptus in the UK Normally gardens are not big enough for these giant trees.But there are number of benefits.When the trees reach maturity they have a wonderful open structure which allows you to have a big specimen tree without loosing too much light.They are evergreen.They have beautiful bark and trunk colours.They give an exotic look to the garden and can be used in a tropical scheme.For cut flower arrangements keep your Gum tree [...]

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Old Man Willow

The Willow tree, Salix, has over 400 species in its family. Its bark was boiled down to make Salicin, a precursor to Aspirin. In Japanese folklore it was believed that under every willow lived a ghost.  They are one of the first trees that comes into leaf and it looks like a perpetual bright shower of gold. This freshness lasts about two weeks before all the branches thicken up with leaves and they loose their etherial transparency.  This Willow in Hurstpierpoint protects a little duck house. .

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woodland detective

See if you can match the word to the image:   Woodpecker, botryoshaeria stevensii, regeneration after a storm, warm leggings, still Xmas - all this I saw in a one minute walk through a small forest last week!   !

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