Garden Design in February- The Set Up Month

February- The Set-Up Month February is an important month to really set up your garden.  With Covid keeping us at home, our gardens can give us the expansiveness, connection and hope we desperately need. Andrew Staib from Glorious Gardens Designs takes a look at plants that will light up your garden. February can be an up and down month. Sometimes clear days have us running out to turn over the soil and dig in some compost, other days have us sheltering indoors looking out of a rainy window. If you are one of those gardeners who don’t start visiting their [...]

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Principles of Garden Landscaping Design

When designing a landscape, there are some basic principles which can be considered to help achieve the outdoor space of your dreams. The same principles can be applied regardless of the size and scale of the project.  By spending some time designing the landscape you can create a garden which is not only functional for your needs, but is visually striking, straightforward to maintain, and fits your budget.   Determine Priorities When designing a landscape, have a clear view on what you are looking to achieve and what you want out of your garden. By determining your priorities you can [...]

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Beautifying Your Pathways

The pathways around your home serve their purpose, but flowers along the edging can bring colour and fragrance to this otherwise utilitarian space. Imagine these mini-gardens alongside the tiles, pavers, and hardscapes. Year-round, flowers will soften those lines as they appeal to the senses. By creating a beautiful border, your entire yard will be more attractive without being a chore. Here are a few examples of plants and shrubs which can enhance the visual appeal to your pathways. Lavender Lavender remains a favourite when planting borders. Its low height and abundance of colour make it a popular choice to line [...]

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Summer Perennials for the Garden

Summer perennials add wonderful colour and fragrance to the garden. When landscaping your garden summer perennials offer colourful blooms year upon year. They can make for simpler gardening as they are often easy to maintain and mean less work compared to the need to replace annual plants every year.  There is a rich abundance of choice when considering which perennials will fit your garden design. When landscaping your outdoor space think about the colour combinations you desire, the quantity of sunlight different areas are exposed to and the different heights the plants will reach. A landscape designer can create a [...]

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Choosing a Waterfall for Your Garden

Adding a waterfall to your garden is a great way to add character, a feature point which can transform your outdoor space. Not only do they look good, the sound of running water is soothing to many. By incorporating a water feature into your landscaping design it will also help oxygenate a pond and keep the water fresh and clean. There are many styles which can be used. The Natural Look A pond fed by a faux babbling brook provides a beautiful, natural looking water feature. The natural feel can be complemented by the surrounding planting, with leafy greens emphasising [...]

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Landscaping Design Ideas for Your Front Garden

A beautiful front garden welcomes you back home and can provide endless visual pleasure and inspiration. It also sets the tone for how other people view your house on arrival. Yet when landscaping your front garden space you will want to make it functional for you as well as aesthetically pleasing. Its upkeep and maintenance should also be a pleasure and not a chore.    Native Plants Mapping out your landscaping plans helps get the end results you desire. By using native plants which are already adapted to the local climate you can reduce the time required in looking after [...]

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Beautiful Fungus

Only 5% of the Kingdom of Fungi have been formally recorded out of 1.5 - 5million species in this family! These fungi as well as about 8 other species were growing in a 2 meter diameter area on what used to be a croquet lawn.    

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