Choosing a Waterfall for Your Garden

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Adding a waterfall to your garden is a great way to add character, a feature point which can transform your outdoor space. Not only do they look good, the sound of running water is soothing to many. By incorporating a water feature into your landscaping design it will also help oxygenate a pond and keep the water fresh and clean. There are many styles which can be used.

The Natural Look

A pond fed by a faux babbling brook provides a beautiful, natural looking water feature. The natural feel can be complemented by the surrounding planting, with leafy greens emphasising the country feel. A slightly more rustic touch can be given by using wooden raised beds to include a water feature among flower beds. You can add backlighting which allows you to enjoying your garden’s centrepiece through the evening. With backlighting stone is often the best material as it looks less artificial.



Stand-alone Features

You can enjoy the presence of a water feature without having a pond. By using two aesthetically pleasing large pots you can have one feed the other to create a pleasing waterfall. This is a simple but effective way to incorporate a water feature into an outdoor space. 

The Modern Look

A water feature certainly does not have to conform to a traditional look. There are many styles which can add to a modern exterior design, including the chic letterbox. 

Placed against a garden wall, it takes up minimal space. The surface is designed to suit your home’s outside area, allowing the water falling from the letterbox slot to be the prime focus of attention. 

For those looking for an ultra-modern, eco-friendly feature, the solar-powered terracotta tower design can be placed anywhere and still delivers an appealing water feature.

The Wall of Water is an option for those with a more futuristic design, offering a large centrepiece which when sat upon pebbles adds a wonderfully decorative feature wherever it is placed within your outdoor space.

For Smaller Gardens

Having limited space should not exclude enjoying the calm and soothing nature of running water. Using a design based around steps and layers is a great way to incorporate a waterfall in a smaller garden as you build up rather than out. 

A feature using a grate design is also a simple way to include water without taking up precious garden space. This is another stand-alone water feature which recycles the water as it falls down in to the receiving grate.

Water features are great to look at and often provide ideal conversation points when guests come round. Whatever the size of garden there are plenty of styles to suit your needs and taste. 

A landscape designer can help you design and install your ideal water feature. While landscaping your garden they can help you create a beautiful space where your water feature looks a natural part of the design.

Our landscape team at Glorious Gardens is happy to discuss these ideas in planning your garden. If you’re considering a “re-do” of your outdoor space, we invite you to call us. We will brainstorm to find the right blend of elements to suit your tastes, your budget and your space.


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