Creating Your Ideal Summer Outdoor Dining Area

//Creating Your Ideal Summer Outdoor Dining Area

Outdoor dining during the summer months is one of the joys of having an outdoor space. When landscaping a garden there are many options you can consider in order to include an area where you may enjoy meals surrounded by the fruits of your gardening effort. Whether you want a picture postcard country cottage style courtyard or a modern alfresco dining patio, a landscaping professional can help you design just what you desire.

Find the Right Setting

While proximity to the home when designing a summer dining area is useful for carrying the meals in and out, look to make the most of your garden’s best features. If your garden has views to die for or an impressive water feature use them as your focal point. You can have a terraced garden seating area designed by a professional landscaper, construct a small summerhouse or install a lovely flagstone patio to allow you to enjoy your best garden feature while you dine.


Smaller Spaces

Having a small patioed area should not exclude you from enjoying summer alfresco dining. Stylish smaller dining sets are available which are practical for smaller spaces while still looking good. By having French doors which open out on to your patio you can join up indoor and outdoor space, creating an area which feels an extension of the home. Alternatively if you have a small garden you could opt to replace the grass with a patioed outdoor dining area. Surrounding the area with trellis, flowers and plants will help maintain the warmth of the garden.


A Private Place to Eat

While gardening you may be happy for neighbours to also see your plants and shrubs, yet when it comes to relaxing with a meal you may want some privacy. When designing your garden the design can include a secluded dining area if the garden does not naturally possess such a spot. This could involve a longer term plan by designing a planting scheme which will grow to create a private area over time. For an instant solution an enclosed garden room may be considered, designed in a style of your choosing.


Accessories Can Make the Difference

Once you have your outdoor dining area, how you accessorize it can make all the difference. Weathered antique furniture or traditional cottage style benches and seats adds charm. A designer garden may require a more modern style of furniture, while shabby chic furniture can be just plain fun. Attractive lighting allows you to use your dining area for more hours a day while also adding a special ambience to the garden at night. Colourful cushions and textiles can sit well alongside the colours of the surrounding flowers, while a focal point such as a firepit can add to the overall appeal.

However you envision your perfect outdoor dining space, a landscaping professional can help design and deliver an area you will continue to enjoy. A family meal amid nature on a pleasant balmy summer evening in your very own garden is a tough act to beat.

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