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Designing small gardens has its own challenges!

This garden is 8 by 4 meters and my client wanted her space to be abundant with planting and well as a place she could relax, feel private, dry her washing, hide her bins and grow her vegetables.

The first thing I try to be is bold when approaching such a space. The more powerful the design elements the more small space won’t be noticed and the elements that you have chosen can reference larger landscapes. 

For example I chose a number of small trees which on fist thought one might be cautious given that it is such a small space. However the trees that I chose have delicate canopies that can ve further reduced with judicious pruning in 5 years time that won’t disturb the good forms that have grown. For this garden I chose Cercis Forest Pansy, Amelanchier lemarkii, A Red Devil apple tree and the small crab apple Pink Pagoda. These trees will give private without dominating or over shading the space as well as giving a glade like filing to the garden.

We also took up slabs from the path to put in two standard Olive trees and climbing Roses.

So be bold with your small space. If you are tentative your small garden could evenlook smaller and hemmed in.

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In 2006 I formed Glorious Gardens, gathering together skilled practitioners to offer not just design but implementation of these designs and maintenance packages where we could look after the gardens once we had created them. Throughout my career I have designed gardens to inspire people with the heart aching beauty of nature, with shapes, colours, moods and proportions to pleasure the body and calm and delight the mind. I am also an artist who works with colour and abstract shapes and I bring this sensitivity to the 4 dimensions of a garden. I am very good at listening to clients and I’m able to draw out the essence of what a client wants for their outdoor space.