Drought proof garden2023-07-05T10:22:59+01:00

Drought-proofing your garden:

There are many other ways to drought-proof your garden apart from choosing the correct plants and improving soil, for example changing when to water, and how to save water. 

  • Watering patterns. Water in the morning or evening so the sun doesn’t evaporate water on the soil. Watering potted plants through the bottom is better to reduce evaporation. Irrigation techniques that deliver water directly to the roots are also a good way to get water directly to the plant.
  • Grouping plants. Grouping plants with similar water needs allows you to target watering efforts more efficiently, avoiding over/underwatering certain areas. Grouping plants’ needs by how much water and shade they need should ensure their health if they are in a better-suited climate in difficult dry periods. 
  • Saving water. Try to avoid using hosepipes or sprinklers. It is better to set up a water butt for example which stores rainwater in dry periods to use on plants. 
  • Maintenance. Checking plants for water stress or drought is essential to ensure each plant is getting the water and shade they need in dry periods. Signs of water stress may include wilting, leaf curling, and leaf yellowing. Weeding is also important to make sure plants aren’t competing for water.