Drought Resistant plants2023-07-05T10:22:55+01:00

Best plants for drought resistance: 

Certain plants are much better at experiencing dry spells compared to others, and it is a good idea to include many of these in your garden so fewer plants struggle in the summer months. Drought-resistant species usually have small, narrow leaves, or silver foliage (and succulents). 

  • Lavender. This plant can survive in dry conditions and is incredibly popular with pollinators, as well as being extremely colourful.
  • Sedum. These are also known as stonecrops, and store water in their leaves. These succulents are great in dry conditions and come in many sizes and colours.
  • Perovskia. Also called Russian sage, it is very drought-tolerant as it thrives in sunny locations with well-drained soil.
  • Rosemary. Once it is an established plant, rosemary thrives in dry soil and requires hardly any watering. 
  • Santolina. This is a low-growing shrub which is highly drought-tolerant and requires minimal maintenance.