Drought resistant soil2023-07-05T10:22:56+01:00

Drought Resistant Soil:

Making soil more drought resistant is easy, there are many things you can add to it which change its water-retention abilities. 


  • Organic matter. Adding compost can improve soil structure, therefore enhancing its water-holding capacity. 
  • Mulching. Adding mulch to the garden such as wood chips or leaves to the soil surface provides a protective barrier to the soil, this reduces the amount of water evaporation. 
  • Water-retaining additives. Water-absorbing crystals, or hydrogels can be added to soil to improve its water retention as these additives slowly release water into the soil. 
  • Monitoring. Make sure to check the soil with your finger to measure how moist the soil is. This can inform when to water, ensuring the soil is dry to a certain level before watering again to prevent overwatering.