Flowers- Wildlife benefits2023-07-05T10:24:09+01:00

Wildlife attracted by flowers:

Flowers in a garden are incredibly important to the surrounding wildlife, such as:

  • Bees. Many bee species, such as bumblebees or honeybees use the nectar and pollen from garden flowers, playing a crucial role in fertilising flowers and plant reproduction.
  • Butterflies. The nectar provided by certain flowers is particularly favoured by the Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, and Painted Lady butterflies.
  • Hoverflies. These are important pollinators that look like small bees or wasps. They are attracted to shallow, open flowers such as daisies. 
  • Ladybirds. These natural pesticides enjoy flowers where they can find nectar and prey, such as aphids. 
  • Moths. Attracted to night-blooming flowers (for example evening primrose), moths are essential to certain species for pollination and therefore reproduction.
  • Birds. Some flowers produce seeds or berries that birds love, for example, sunflowers or honeysuckle. Birds may also enjoy the insects surrounding flowers.
  • Small mammals. Hedgehogs and shrews may use the cover and food sources that flowers bring, these mammals may stay close to certain flowers to find their favourite insects, seeds, or fruit.