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shapes of winter

As winter approaches and perennials and grasses begin to droop this is a good time to look at the ‘bones’ of your garden, those formal shapes made from evergreens. In these pictures we have  Viburmum tinus (the lollypop shapes), Buxus, and Rosmary which combine in a musical way to make this area along the outhouse a real focal point all through the winter. The Rosemary serve to give the heavy bulwark of the box columns in the background a sprightly boost and in between the gaps at ground level are silver catmint that have grown so profusely over the summer they are now just lying around looking beautiful,languid and spent. 



formal shapes of winter 01

So as Autumn strips the branches of their leaves, which have feed them sunlight all summer, the evergreen shapes in your garden come into their own.

By the way did you know that sceintists have discovered why leaves russell in the wind. They did some trial experiments where they stilled the movement of leaves and found that they were were attacked by hungry insects at a much greater rate than the trees where the leaves were allowed to russell!


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