Garden furniture looks great in an outdoor space, and makes your garden more human-friendly too! Having a wildlife garden is great, but having spaces to enjoy your garden is also important. Types of garden furniture include:

  • Benches. Usually made of wood, benches are ideal for sitting and enjoying the surroundings of your wildlife garden, making it a more interactive and intimate space.
  • Garden storage. Sheds or outdoor storage boxes help to keep garden tools and resources organised and protected from wildlife.
  • Dining sets. Outdoor tables and chairs are a great way to enjoy your garden with family and friends. They come in different materials such as wood, metal, rattan, or plastic. Some materials are more eco-friendly than others, but they are always a great addition to the garden.

In order to make garden furniture sustainable, materials should be as environmentally friendly as possible. Sustainable wood is best, with an FSC approval. However, have caution with oak and rainforest hardwood, as an FSC rating is hard to prove with these materials.

Below are some good links to find out more about garden furniture: