Garden design- 4 steps to designing a Romantic Garden

//Garden design- 4 steps to designing a Romantic Garden

Creating more Romance in your Garden and therefore in your Life!

Design a Romantic Garden for Yourself

Is your garden looking stale with barren or empty areas? Is it a place that continually invites you into its’ arms? Can your garden reflect the values you have about life and what is important?

If not why not suffuse it with more romance?

A place where lovers meet, a space to let yourself be overwhelmed with the sensuality of nature and where mysterious nooks and crannies can lead to a meditation on beauty and impermanence!

Step 1.

Are all your 5 senses delighted?

The fragrance of climbing Roses, Chamomile paths and Lavender.

The sound of gushing water and the wind in tall grasses.

The furry touch of Lamb’s Ear and glossy Fatsia leaves.

The sight of Romantic colour combinations.

The taste of Grapes, Fennel, Apples and Chives.

Step 2.

For a triste with your loved one or to feel your love of nature in quite contemplation ask yourself: is the seating cosy with a sense of intimacy.

If not you could think about a Rose covered Arbour, a live Willow chamber, creating a canopy with a weeping feature tree or a Summer house with a fridge full of cold drinks- you can even get lovely ‘Gypsey’ wooden caravans on line. You could even create a room with hedging inside your garden where you can sit and connect back to yourself away from the tugs of war of daily life!

Step 3.

Can you introduce curved paths and classical shapes like old pots and vases that give your space a gravity that hints of a time gone by, or the time that is timeless.

Step 4.

Can you let your romantic planting design be more relaxed and spontaneous like a summer party where the guests are slightly tipsy and people merrily bump into each other?

Look to abundant planting like tall ornamental grasses, Allium heads, Day Lillies , the scrabble of Nasturtiums and wild Geraniums.

You can let your Wysteria be a bit more wild, let Roses climb up all the big trees and drainpipes, allow great heavy headed Peonies to flop about without stakes, and intersperse the planting with intense bright colour spots of Poppies, Delphiniums and Phlox- and of course lots of shrub Roses.

To create a Romantic garden you need to ask yourself ‘what does love look like?’

-and then make this happen!

A beautiful water feature reflecting the still heart of all things, a hot coloured flower border full of passion and generosity, a well crafted seat for two tucked away from the house catching the evening sun where you can chat about more important things than the broken dishwasher.

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About the Author:

In 2006 I formed Glorious Gardens, gathering together skilled practitioners to offer not just design but implementation of these designs and maintenance packages where we could look after the gardens once we had created them. Throughout my career I have designed gardens to inspire people with the heart aching beauty of nature, with shapes, colours, moods and proportions to pleasure the body and calm and delight the mind. I am also an artist who works with colour and abstract shapes and I bring this sensitivity to the 4 dimensions of a garden. I am very good at listening to clients and I’m able to draw out the essence of what a client wants for their outdoor space.