Garden design blending different styles into a natural Whole

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This garden design, which we implemented this February, aims at creating what you might find in an hour walking in the countryside, into a single space.

We extended the patio and made new brick planters with more formal planting.

We created a formal lawn from high quality turf and in the remainer of the large lawn area we seeded with acid perennial wildflowers and an annual cornflower mix. This wildflower meadow will flow down the garden and on the right hand side reach a new wildlife pond.

Behind the pond we planted the dark green Portuguese Laurel to v=create an atmospheric grove with Spiribolos grass in front of that that will empty in frothy plumes over the decking at the back.



Paths will be created though the wildflowers with a lawn mower during the year.

From the pond a bark chip path flows into a newly planted woodland area.

We planted thousands of Bluebells, Snowdrops and Aconites which will come into their own next Spring.

Around the Black Bamboo we dug in a root barrier membrane and used a delicate black rope to tidy up the branches which tended to spread out all over the space.

In summary the design blends in formal, wildflower, contemporary decking and traditional woodland. We especially used different styles of planting, and plants that would transition from one style to the next, the unify the whole composition.


assorted garden design
assorted garden design 1
small space garden brick design
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In 2006 I formed Glorious Gardens, gathering together skilled practitioners to offer not just design but implementation of these designs and maintenance packages where we could look after the gardens once we had created them. Throughout my career I have designed gardens to inspire people with the heart aching beauty of nature, with shapes, colours, moods and proportions to pleasure the body and calm and delight the mind. I am also an artist who works with colour and abstract shapes and I bring this sensitivity to the 4 dimensions of a garden. I am very good at listening to clients and I’m able to draw out the essence of what a client wants for their outdoor space.