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Glorious Gardens
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Large Formal Garden

Large Formal Garden

Formal garden can include topiary to delight the eyes, clean lines of paths and hedges, perfect lawns, formal ponds with fountains with walled
vegetables and cut flower areas.

The emphasis is on an overarching geometry that links with the house and allows nature to exist in a series of interconnected patterns.

If it were music, it would resemble a Bach Fugue.

Naturalistic Landscape Garden

This large garden design focuses on the way wild nature exists, with its sinuous shapes, mounds and spontaneous plant colonies. Reflecting the home’s surrounding landscape, the garden design reveals abundance, a sweeping vista, and diversity in nature. This design balances the line between random beauty and well-planned planting schemes.

If these designs were music, they would be
more like blues jazz.


Glorious Gardens also designs woodlands, which are a fine legacy to leave your land. New woodlands can also include ponds, paths and bespoke caravans.

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In all these designs, Glorious Gardens strives to choose plants that are good for biodiversity, construction materials that are as sustainable as possible, and designs which will stand the test of time.

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