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Insect Habitats:

Bugs and insects can be supported by habitats that you can incorporate into your wildlife garden which provide shelter and nesting sites.

  • Insect hotels. These are usually made of bamboo tubes, drilled wood blocks, or dried plant stems. Ladybirds, Solitary Bees, Lacewings, and Beetles usually live in these.
  • Beetle banks. Piling up branches, logs, and rocks can be an easy way to create great hiding places for Beetles and other ground insects. 
  • Brush piles. Similar to the above, branches, twigs, and leaves are piled together in a quiet corner of the garden for Beetles, Spiders, and other ground insects. 
  • Log piles. Stacked decaying logs is perfect for Beetles and Woodlice as they feed on the fungi produced from them.
  • Hedges. Native hedges such as Hawthorns provide nesting sites and food for lots of wildlife, but the dense structure is particularly favoured by Spiders and Ladybirds.