Insects benefit for wildlife2023-07-05T10:21:10+01:00

Benefits for wildlife:

There are so many benefits to wildlife by hosting a variety of insects and bugs in your garden as each species has its own ecological role within the ecosystem which overall support a rich web of life. 

  • Pollination. Specifically butterflies, bees, moths, and hoverflies are important to pollination as they allow plants to produce fruit and seeds, being food for other wildlife and a continuation of the plants’ life cycle. 
  • Natural pesticides. Ladybirds and Lacewings are common insects found in the garden which are predators of pests like Caterpillars, Aphids, and Mites. Encouraging bugs in the garden means chemical pesticides are not as necessary, which is overall healthier for wildlife in the garden.
  • Decomposition. Bugs and insects work to decompose fallen leaves and plant material. This process releases nutrients back into the soil, which is then used by new, growing plants. 
  • Food sources. Insects in the garden are consumed by other wildlife, such as birds, bats, and other small mammals. Having a wide variety of bugs consequently ensures the food of other wildlife.