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How to encourage insects:

As insects are so highly valued and needed in the garden ecosystems, encouraging their presence will increase the overall health of the wildlife in your garden, here are some ways you can do this.

  • Create bug-friendly spaces. Some habitats are perfect for insects such as log piles, insect hotels, and hedges. Having these spaces ensure their protection and development for future generations.
  • Plant native flowers. Having a wide variety of local flowers that fit in with your local environment and bloom throughout the year attracts a wide range of insects and so a constant food source for other wildlife. 
  • Avoid chemicals. Pesticides can harm insects as well as pests, which would’ve controlled the pest levels naturally!  
  • Water sources. Although many insects get their water intake from their food, it is also beneficial to have a shallow dish filled with water for any insects that need it.
  • Wild areas. Leaving some areas of your garden to grow wild can be a great way to provide insects with a nesting site, shelter, and food. 
  • Organic fertilisers and mulch. Compost is nutrient-rich which creates a healthy environment for insects living in the soil, however, use mulch sparingly so as to not suffocate insects or their habitats.