Landscaping Design Ideas for Your Front Garden

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A beautiful front garden welcomes you back home and can provide endless visual pleasure and inspiration. It also sets the tone for how other people view your house on arrival. Yet when landscaping your front garden space you will want to make it functional for you as well as aesthetically pleasing. Its upkeep and maintenance should also be a pleasure and not a chore. 


Native Plants

Mapping out your landscaping plans helps get the end results you desire. By using native plants which are already adapted to the local climate you can reduce the time required in looking after them. This natural approach to planting can provide a lush, green environment which will attract birds and insects in to your garden and protect the soil and root health of the trees within your boundary.


Using native plants can reduce the amount of watering required, saving on an increasingly precious resource as well as saving money. A lawn-free yard also saves on water use and can still give you an equally attractive space. Combining flower beds, hardscape sections, and features such as urns and wooden seating can make for a beautiful front yard which is easier for gardening. If you do have a lawn, take a little time to learn the best tips for upkeep and mowing to ensure it looks good all year round.

Planting for Colour and Scale

The colour and style of planting can transform the appearance of a front yard. To keep gardening to a manageable level this does not necessarily require excessive planting. Map out where plant beds will have the most visual impact for you, working in any pathways and walkways you also require. Good planting in front of the house can accentuate the architecture, improving roadside appeal. By using a wide bed at the base of a property, you can plant for a tiered effect which transitions well to match any steps up to the front door.

Trees for the Seasons

Trees and shrubs always look good at the front of a house where space permits. Small trees with striking colours are excellent when landscaping front garden spaces, providing a strong visual feature. Different varieties of trees can provide colour to your yard through the seasons. For example, you may have a cherry tree flowering in Spring, while later in the year the foliage of a Japanese maple will provide vibrant Autumnal colour.

Hardscape and Lighting

Whether you have pathways, seating areas or privacy walls in your yard, it looks best if the colour scheme matches the house behind. This allows for a visually integrated landscape right from the front edge of the property boundary through to the front of the house. The addition of features such as pilasters, urns, seating and planting pots of various shapes and styles can be added to provide additional character. Warm, ambient lighting which highlights certain features can provide a very special feel to the yard in the evening as you approach the front door.

Our landscape team at Glorious Gardens is happy to discuss these ideas in planning your garden. If you’re considering a “re-do” of your outdoor space, we invite you to call us. We will brainstorm to find the right blend of elements to suit your tastes, your budget and your space.

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In 2006 I formed Glorious Gardens, gathering together skilled practitioners to offer not just design but implementation of these designs and maintenance packages where we could look after the gardens once we had created them. Throughout my career I have designed gardens to inspire people with the heart aching beauty of nature, with shapes, colours, moods and proportions to pleasure the body and calm and delight the mind. I am also an artist who works with colour and abstract shapes and I bring this sensitivity to the 4 dimensions of a garden. I am very good at listening to clients and I’m able to draw out the essence of what a client wants for their outdoor space.