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When landscaping your house, it can be all too easy to overlook the outdoor space at the side of the house. Our attention is often focussed on the front and back garden only, yet a well-thought-out side garden can provide a perfect link between the two. Regardless of how wide the space is, there are many ways to take advantage of this additional outside area.

An Attractive Through-way

A combination of paving and attractive planting can provide for a visually appealing side garden, one which ideally complements both the front and back garden areas. 

Pathways can be practical and interesting using stepping stones, slate paving or perhaps crazy paving to show the way. A side garden through-way could also be designed with different surfaces, using paving, timber boardwalks and rocks for a unique look. 

Adding in a welcoming entrance gate or archway can emphasise the point that the side garden is just as integral a part of the property as the rest of the garden space.

Plant for the Space

Side gardens can often be narrow and the proximity of neighbouring properties can limit the amount of light it receives. However, this need not prevent you from landscaping a colourful and attractive planting scheme. 

Plants such as lady fern and dogwood are good options in spaces which receive low levels of light. Vertical plants like bamboo work well in limited space while still adding soft textures and colour. Climbing varieties could also be trained up walls or along a trellis, while narrow planters can be installed in which to grow your plants.

Create a Living Space

Your side garden could also make an ideal intimate living space. By using furniture to suit the size of the space you can create a lovely outdoor living area. Potted plants can make the space feel homely while climbing plants, hanging baskets and other personal decorative items can enhance the feeling of an intimate private space. When landscaping the garden further touches such as a vertical water feature or a pergola can add to the feeling of a whole new room separate to the main house.

Practical Space

Gardening always involves many different tools and containers and your side garden could act as a useful storage area. A wooden shed or an enclosure can be built to store gardening equipment, or possibly to house the bins out of sight. The side garden can also be a good place for a potting table or for a compost bin. If you have children in the house the narrow side garden could be an ideal place to construct a play area for them.

Indulgent Side Gardens

Your side garden could always be turned over to something more indulgent. Ideas here are unlimited. The keen golfer may fancy an area to practice their putting, whereas the family as a whole may want a luxurious private decking space where they can relax in the evening.

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