Glorious Gardens does garden design in the Lindfield area

The name ‘Lindfield’ means ‘open land with lime trees.’ Lindfield has a rich historic and architectural heritage. The ancient High Street, lined with lime trees, has over forty medieval and post medieval timber-framed houses, with many individual shops. At the bottom of the High Street is a natural spring-fed pond with fish, ducks, and herons.  


The Eastern Road Nature Reserve, off Lewes Road, is a 9-acre  reserve alongside the Scrase Stream, which provides a wetland habitat for birds, butterflies, and insects. It is situated on the site of a former sewage treatment plant and has been allowed to develop since the plant closed in 1975. The diverse vegetation supports populations of insects and butterflies, which together with autumn fruits, attract visiting birds such as warblers, finches and siskins. Frogs, newts, dragonflies and other aquatic insects occupy the wetland areas.  


The countryside around Lindfield is part of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which runs through Sussex, Surrey and Kent. The High Weald is an ancient landscape, characterised by small fields, woodlands, rolling hills, steep narrow valleys, heaths and sandstone outcrops, and this type of landscape is rare in Europe. Nearby is Ashdown Forest, some five miles (8.0 km) to the northeast of the village.


The people of Lindfield take real pride in their gardens, on the 12th June are opening 8 gardens to the public.


For more than 70 years the green fingered residents of Lindfield have learnt and shared garden advice and inspiration at the historic village’s very own horticultural society. The group formed in 1945 has in the region of 280 members. They have a varied programme of talks which help to bring gardening and gardens to life. They hold three flower talks and produce shows during the year. They have some upcoming events on Saturday, July 9 and one in the autumn on Saturday, September 10.  

The group welcomes speakers from head gardeners of wonderful landscapes to horticultural experts from specialist nurseries. Their light-hearted, illustrated talks provide members and visitors alike with advice and inspiration for their own gardens. These take place on Wednesday evenings.  

The Lindfield Jungle came 2nd place out of nearly 500 entries in the BBC Gardener’s World Magazine garden of the year competition in 2018. There is a small densely planted garden that has a tropical feel. This garden is open for visitors for a part of the year.