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Best Orchards for UK gardens:

There are lots of types of orchard trees, all bearing different fruits, such as:

  • Apple trees. This is a popular choice for many British gardens, where different varieties produce a range of flavours of apples, for example, Brambley apples and Egremont Russet apples. Good culinary apples include Golden Noble, Lane’s Prince Albert, and Emneth Early. Dessert apples include Discovery, Sunset, Pixie, and Fiesta apples.
  • Pear trees. Eating pears include Beth, Conference, Concorde, and Doyenne du Comice. Catillac is a popular type of cooking pear. 
  • Plum trees. Well-suited to UK gardens, varieties include Victoria, Czar, and Opal plums.
  • Cherry trees. These trees can thrive better in more sheltered regions. Sweet Cherries include Stella, Sunburst, and Regina, whereas sour cherries include Morello for cooking purposes.
  • Apricot trees. Apricots can be hard to grow in the UK due to early flowering and susceptibility to frosts. Therefore, hardier apricots like Moorpark and Tomcot are better to grow. 
  • Quince trees. These are valued for their aromatic fruit, usually the Vranja variety, used in cooking and preserves.