Pest-Resistant Crops2023-07-05T10:31:25+01:00

Pest-resistant crops:

Some crops can deter pests naturally, and some that are usually susceptible to pests, have adapted so certain varieties naturally deter certain pests. 

  • Marigolds. These plants naturally repel aphids due to their strong scent. 
  • Rosemary and Thyme. Certain aromatic herbs can deter carrot flies and other pests. Planting these around other crops susceptible to pests can be a great way to naturally reduce pests. 
  • Geraniums. The scent of geraniums can repel a wide range of pests, including mosquitos and cabbage worms. It is best to grow these nearby vulnerable plants.
  • Nasturtiums. These are great for repelling aphids, whiteflies, squash bugs, and cucumber beetles. They often act as sacrificial plants, drawing pests away from more vulnerable crops. 
  • Carrots. These are very vulnerable to certain pests, especially the carrot fly. But varieties such as Flyaway and Resistafly are bred specifically to be pest-resistant.
  • Onions and leeks. Similar to carrots, these crops have pest-resistant varieties such as ‘Electric’ onions and ‘Oarsman’ leeks which are resistant to the onion fly. 
  • Tomatoes. The Ferline and Fantasio varieties have been bred to be resistant to whiteflies and tomato leaf miners. 
  • Peas. Avola and Hurst Greenshaft have been developed to have resistance to pea moth larvae.