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Wildlife attracted to your pond:


A well-maintained garden pond can attract a great variety of wildlife, for example: 

    • Bees and butterflies. A great source of water for both and nearby flowers can be visited for nectar and pollen. Bees also often take water back to a hive to cool it down, they also use water to dilute stored honey so it can be digested.
    • Mammals such as hedgehogs and bats. A pond is a great source of reliable all-year-round water. However, hedgehogs for example are prone to falling in, so make sure there‚Äôs an accessible pond exit! 
    • Birds. Many species of birds will use a pond to drink and bathe (as damp feathers are easier to clean). They will also feed on the insects which are found in and around the pond. 
    • Insects such as dragonflies and damselflies, lay their eggs there. Many insects start as aquatic creatures, growing and feeding in freshwater, before being ‘reborn’ as flying insects.
    • Toads, frogs, and newts. These all depend on ponds for breeding. They usually mate and lay their spawn in Spring, which is not only fascinating to watch but also potentially a great opportunity to educate children on life cycles!

It is worth mentioning that fish are not the best to have in a wildlife pond, as they can reduce biodiversity and increase algae, as they are top predators in a pond and can increase nutrient levels.