Ponds- Aquatic plants2023-07-05T10:15:04+01:00

Aquatic plants for your pond:


These plants are submerged under the water, grown on a marginal shelf, or grown around the edges of the pond. They provide oxygen and cover for secretive wildlife.


    • Spiked Watermilfoil. Prefers ‘hard water’ and produces feathery green underwater stems, and flowers above the surface. This plant has a high nutrient uptake, helping to balance any excess nutrients which can lead to poor water quality. 
    • Curly Pondweed. Some flowers above the surface. Crinkly, fine leaves along the stem can act as a filter for suspended particles, leading to improved water quality. 
    • Hornwort. Oxygenating plant with dense branches, providing cover for aquatic creatures such as Tadpoles. Brittle but easy to anchor again and is great for both smaller and larger ponds. 
    • Water Starwort. Delicate in appearance, pale-green plants can cope with seasonal drought. It can also reproduce quickly, which makes it great for stabilising new ponds.