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Native plants provide cover and habitat (usually for snail’s eggs), and look gorgeous when they flower! 


  • Water crowfoot. White flowers in early spring are an oxygenating plant, which is great for those living in the pond! 
  • White waterlily. Can grow in 3m of water, and large lily pads, making them better for big ponds. Pondlife can rest on the leaves above the surface. 
  • Fringed waterlily. Small yellow flowers with Lilies around 7.5m across, they’re perfect for shallower ponds. 
  • Broad-leaved pondweed (Potamogeton Natans). Dark brown-green oval leaves lying flat on the surface. Provides great shelter for aquatic wildlife and is ideal for large, deep ponds. They are also fast-growers and may require reducing every now and then. 
  • Amphibious bistort (also known as Water Smart Weed). Oval floating leaves and pink flowers on the water. It is great for both deep and shallow water. Great for surface cover in a small pond and is edible for some garden birds and is a major food source for Purplish Copper Butterflies.