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Glorious gardens does garden design in the Shoresham area.


The Swiss Gardens Lake (of which only a small section remains to give pleasure to the residential ducks and visiting Venture Scouts) boasted a little steam-boat called the ‘Basilisk’ of about half a horse-power which was capable of carrying up to ten ‘Trippers’ at a time. In addition, at various times, there have been several other forms of floating craft, albeit mostly man-powered, such as punts, rowing boats and Indian canoes. Naturally a hire charge was usually made for some of these boating pleasures, but a Railway Poster dated 1856 clearly shows that patrons of the day could obtain really good value for their money at the Gardens. Similarly, an old photograph shows a plaque on the outside of the Swiss Garden advertising that: “No charge is made for any of the amusements in the Gardens except a small one for: Billiards, Rifle Shooting and American Bowls,’ and ‘Admission One Shilling, Children under ten years’. Glorious Gardens uses the historic surrounding gardens as inspiration for their garden designs.


Shoresham-by- Sea Horticultural and Alloments Society is affilated to the Royal Horticultural Society, the national Sweet Pea Society, the British Fuchsia Society and the Shsoreham Community Association. The society was founded in 1919, there vice president is older than the society he was born in May 1915. At their meetings they have talks on a variety of topics by guest speakers, a raffle and a seasonal plant & produce stall. Glorious Gardens understand clients have a wealth of knowledge regarding gardens so always ensure they collaborate during the design process.


Along with the whole of Sussex, the rocks in the vicinity of Shoreham are sedimentary. The town lies on and adjacent to the South Downs, so that the entire area is underlain by the relatively pure White Chalk limestones of the Upper and Middle Chalk Formation (Upper Cretaceous). The drift geology of the Shoreham area shows alluvium marking the location of the former marshy estuary of the Adur, immediately west of the historic settlements of Old Shoreham and New Shoreham. Within this, beach and tidal flat deposits mark the location of the present channel. Shoreham is located directly on the River Adur, near to its mouth. Inland communication along the river has been significant, although this is no longer the case. Reclamation of the valuable alluvial soils of the river valley, the associated management of freshwater drainage in the Weald, and the prevention of tidal ingress (through creation of sea walls) increased silting so that the Adur had ceased to function as a significant communications route upstream of Shoreham by the 14th century. Glorious Gardens has an sensitive appreciation for the geography of the area so always designs their gardens accordingly to the location.