Soil and wildlife2023-07-05T10:16:30+01:00

What lives in soil: 

The soil in our gardens host an incredible range of creatures that help to cycle the soil nutrients and maintain its structure. Many of these are a great source of food for lots of other wildlife, such as various birds or bats. 

They can include:

  • Earthworms: great food for hedgehogs, birds, and even foxes. They burrow through soil, enforcing the structure and they help break down organic matter within soil.
  • Slugs and snails: these contribute greatly to the overall ecosystem balance as they serve as protein-rich food for birds and other wildlife. 
  • Mice, shrews, and voles: these may burrow in soil, dispersing nutrients evenly throughout the mixture. They also work to aerate the soil and can also move seeds around. 
  • Insects, spiders, and mites: these contribute to nutrient cycling and decomposition, some also feed on other soil organisms, creating a generally good ecosystem balance.