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Best soil for various plants:

Different types of plants will thrive in different types of soil, based on pH levels, amount of drainage, and the nutrients it can hold. For a general rule, most garden plants thrive in soil that has good draining abilities where it can hold moisture without becoming waterlogged, for example soil with balanced textures of sand, silt, and clay. 

However, there are other plants that are more particular!:

  • Acidic soil: for acid-loving plants such as Azaleas and Blueberries. You can make the soil more acidic by adding organic peat moss for example.
  • Alkaline soil: for alkaline-loving plants such as Lavender and Lilac. To make the soil more alkaline, you can add wood ash or limestone. 
  • Moisture-retaining soil: plants such as ferns thrive in moist soil and adding compost or manure can increase the water-holding abilities of the soil.
  • Well-draining soil: plants that are more drought-resistant prefer sandy or gravelly soils which don’t retain moisture as easily.
  • Nutrient-rich soil: vegetable and fruit plants love soil rich in nutrients, this can be achieved by adding compost.