Glorious Gardens designs gardens in the Steyning area. Steyning is a small town surrounded by the South Downs, just 6 miles from Shoreham-by-Sea. Steyning has been known by various names through history (Stoeningas, Stoeningum, Staninges, Stenyges, Stenyng). Steyning’s industries were given a boost with the opening of the railway and station in 1861, and Steyning once again prospered. Dairy farming was an important local industry as it was easier for the farmers to move their cattle by train for the weekly market and annual horse sales commenced. Other notable employers in the town during this period were breweries. Glorious Gardens takes a real interest in area’s history and incorporates that within their garden designs.


St Mary’s House and Gardens is an enchanting historic pilgrim inn,  it was built in 1450. The are five acres of beautiful gardens include an exceptional example of the prehistoric Ginkgo Biloba‘living fossil’ tree, amusing animal topiary, and the ‘Secret’ Garden with original Victorian fruit wall and pineapple pits, beautiful rose garden, terracotta garden, King’s Garden, unusual circular English Poetry Garden, Landscape Water Garden and Rural Museum. Glorious Gardens ha


Steyning Horticultural Society was founded in 1928 and has been active in the town, with the exception of the World War II suspension from 1940 to 1945, until the present day. The flower shows were major events in the early years and became an important part of the town’s entertainment. Local gardeners took great pride in showing off their produce and there was fierce competition for the prizes. There were two entry sections, one for persons with their own garden or allotment and one for large gardens or large houses with paid assistance. It has been said that people almost fought to be elected onto the committee, a position of great honour and importance in those days. Past chairmen and presidents all gave most wonderful and expensive silver trophies, which are still awarded today. Probably the most famous people were Miss Elsie and Miss Doris Waters, who were joint Presidents from 1950 to 1952. Glorious Gardens understand that clients take such pride in gardening and want to be very involved in their garden designs.


The memorial garden in Steyning was designed for the Royal British Legion, this public garden located on The Steyning Memorial Playing Field. It was redeveloped in 2011 and features a mural of a remembrance poppy made of glass chippings. There is also a memorial stone upon which is mounted a bronze plaque holding the dedication. It was created to help rejuvenate a neglected space that was no longer suitable for its use. By zoning the hard landscaping into three different areas, linked by the repetitive planting scheme, the space was transformed into a sociable space more functional for its intended use. Glorious Gardens know that your green spaces are often a place for reflection and mindfulness.