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How to incorporate trees into your garden:

Incorporating trees in your garden requires a lot of preparation and attention to ensure it grows effectively. Glorious Gardens can help with the designing, planning, and planting of a tree to make sure it is the right tree for the right place. 

  • Tree selection. Choosing a suitable tree for your garden is necessary. Consider its eventual size, soil and sunlight requirements, and the space in your garden. Native trees will usually be better suited as they are adapted to local conditions. 
  • Location. Again, consider the tree’s future height and spread, and make sure it won’t obstruct structures, power lines, or neighbouring properties. 
  • Planting. Dig a hole wider and deeper than the tree’s root ball. The hole should be 2-3x the diameter of the root ball. Loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole to encourage root penetration. If the tree has balled roots, don’t worry about taking any wire from the root ball. Make sure to remove any damaged roots. 
  • Water and mulch the tree.
  • Support. For top-heavy trees, consider anchoring to prevent too much movement. You can do this with tree stakes and ties, without constricting the tree trunk.