Glorious Gardens does garden design in the Uckfield area.


Ukfield has a nature reserve situated with several access points, and has a broad-walk running through parts of the Reserve. The Reserve has an ancient parkland, containing herb rich uncultivated wet meadow, woodland, some thriving wildlife and remains of Mesolithic settlement.


The River Uck runs through the floodplain, also occupied by the Hempstead Nature Reserve, and is an important area of wetland. Heampstead meadows have an abundance of unusual flora and fauna, which flourish on this ideal site. There is a new footpath, the River walk is a recent introduction to this popular area.


Harlands Pond, located via Mallard drive, home of the warty-skinned common toad. Regular visitors include the stately Heron, flying pterodactyl-like over the pond and its permanent residents, the coot and moorhen.


Almost adjacent to the pond is Nightingale Wood. This is a cool, shady haven, containing many different tree species and is a valuable site for early purple orchids. Glorious Gardens creates water features, natural ponds and positions water plants such as; Nelumbo nucifera, Pygmy water-lily in domestic ponds.


Just outside of Uckfield is the magnificent Sheffield Park and Garden; it has a dramatic show of daffodils and bluebells in spring, and the rhododendrons, Ghent azaleas and the stream garden and spectacular in early summer. Autumn brings stunning colours from the many rare trees, particularly the tupelos, and scrubs. Winter walks can be enjoyed in this garden for all seasons.


There are trailing sustainable tree guards in aiming to reduce plastic pollution were testing sustainable tree guards as part of our plans to plant and establish 20 million trees. As we look for an affordable large-scale alternative we’re reducing plastic by using tree crates made from the wood of diseased trees and tubes made from wool and cardboard. Protecting seedlings with tree guards means they can fulfil their potential and sequester maximum carbon. We’ll also allow trees to regenerate naturally by planting them in scrubland, where existing vegetation such as gorse and hawthorn protect saplings. Glorious Gardens understands the importance of using sustainable materials.


A farmers market is held every 1st Saturday of the month selling local produce. Glorious Gardens sources plants and materials from local companies to reduce their carbon footprint and support other local businesses.